Brush Embroidery

Royal Icing consistency should be rubbed down, slightly soft so you can brush it and create textures. I never thought i would love doing this, the only downside to it is that it is so hard to cover your mistakes because the brushed down icing hardens fast. 

Rule of the game, start from the outer most petals, clockwise if you are right handed.

The plaque you see here is made from scraps of left over gumpaste projects, i mixed them all together to make a couple of these rounds. If you ask me, i will prefer using brush embroideries on the sides of the cake and sparsely,  in between pressure piping, and flowers, not as a cake topper.

Lovely as it is, you need a brush, tip number 1 and 0 for details, and piping bags made from parchment papers. You would need to fill your bags with just a tablespoon of icing since the icing hardens fast.

As seen on top, scratch the design either by pricking with a pin or tracing. The ideal and professional way to transfer a design on the plaque is to pipe Royal Icing on a tracing paper, and invert it over a soft gumpaste top.

Like so. I did not do this because my plaque was rolled 3 days ago and was not soft enough. This design when inverted over the soft plaque should make a mark. 

Mix your icing until it becomes glossy, soft peak. Rub it down if you want a smoother finish. 

Using just a small piping bag, about 1 tablespoon of icing  will do. Experiment with different sizes of brushes, there is a brush for everyone. Start with number 1, 0 or 00.

Pipe the outline and then pipe another line depending on where you want the brush strokes to appear. Think about free style painting, only that this one hardens fast!

Brush the icing creating the texture, again, your own style will dictate this, i like a thicker slightly rough design, not the flat smooth kind.

Here, i switched to a number 00 brush.

I prefer this style, it would have looked a whole lot better if the plaque was not a drab blue gray. 

Doing the leaf.

Writing Best Wishes.

Testing the border on a spatula. I am using tip number 4.

Once this plaque hardens, remove from the cardboard and transfer on top of a cake. Of course, i would add more flowers to this and use a different background, sorry about that.

Don’t forget to wash your tips and dry them over a clean towel. Hope you like it.